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Mobile Truck Tyre Repairs

Are you a driver stuck on a road with busted truck tires or have a puncture that needs a plug?

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If you need a tire replacement we will give you an over the phone quote on your range of tyres, and we will deliver your choice of tyres and install them for you. Contact us today for the most reliable mobile truck tyre service guaranteed.

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What is the correct truck tyre Pressure?

Truck tyre pressure is a crucial aspect of truck safety and maintenance. Having the correct tyre pressure ensures that your truck is able to operate at its optimal level, and it also helps to extend the life of the tyres.

The ideal pressure for a truck tyre in general terms only is between 8 and 9 bar. If however you are looking for the correct pressure for a 22.5-inch tyre it is between 7 and 9 bar.

Under-inflation of truck tyres can lead to a number of issues, such as increased fuel consumption, decreased handling and stability, and increased wear and tear on the tyres. It can also lead to dangerous situations on the road, such as blowouts and accidents. Over-inflation of truck tyres can also be a problem, as it can lead to decreased traction, increased wear on the tyre’s center, and reduced lifespan of the truck tyre. On Sydney roads, generally drivers prefer the safety of softer compounds for additional grip while maintaining their longevity.

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To ensure proper tyre pressure, it is important to regularly check the pressure of the tyres using a tyre gauge. The pressure should be checked when the tyres are cold, as the pressure increases as the tyres heat up from driving. It is also important to check the pressure of all of the tyres, including the spare tyre, to ensure that all of the tyres are at the correct pressure.

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